Monday, August 24, 2015

Hours After Delhi Woman Shames 'Abuser' on Social Media, he is Arrested

New Delhi: On Facebook, a young student in Delhi has alleged that a man abused her on the road and then challenged her to complain against him after posing for her mobile phone camera. Worse than the man's comments, says Jasleen Kaur, was the fact that at a busy intersection in the capital, no one helped.

The man has been arrested for alleged sexual harassment. The police say they will give Jasleen a Rs 5,000 reward for being brave.

The biker's picture was widely circulated on social media; it has been liked by 75 people and has over 14,500 shares since it was posted on Sunday night.

"A man made obscene comments on me today at around 8 pm near Aggarwal, Tilak Nagar. He was on a silver Royal Enfield, vehicle number - DL 4S CE 3623. When I told him that im clicking his picture and i'm going to file a complaint against him, he responded by posing for the picture and said- "Jo kar sakti hai kar le. Complaint karke dikha, fir dekhiyo kya karta hun main (Do whatever you like. Complain and see what I do then)," Jasleen says in her Facebook post.

She says what disturbed her "more than his obscene remarks" was that at a traffic signal, "20 other people heard what he was saying and no one minded, no one intervened. No one stood up for me."

Speaking to NDTV, Jasleen said she was trying to cross the road when she came in front of the bike. "When pointed at the red signal and said he should stop, he started making obscene remarks," Jasleen said.

She admits her parents are worried about his threat. "But If I hide my face, he wins. He should be ashamed and he should hide his face," she said.

Days ago, a writer in Mumbai posted the picture of a man that she said had sexually harassed her. When the police traced the man and arrested him, he said he was only relieving himself and was misunderstood by the woman.

Source -  Ndtv

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