Friday, July 31, 2015

Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners- DPPW order dated 30th July 2015

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan
Khan Market, New Delhi
Dated the 30th July, 2015

Office Memorandum

Sub:- Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners – reg.

The undersigned is directed to say that as per Para 4.2 of this Department’s OM of even number dated 1.9.2008 relating to revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners w.e.f. 1.1.2006, the revised pension w.e.f. 1.1.2006, in no case, shall be lower than 50% of the sum of the minimum of pay in the pay band and the grade pay thereon corresponding to the prerevised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired. A clarification was issued vide DoP&PW OM of even number dated 3.10.2008 that the pension calculated at 50% of the minimum of pay in the pay band plus grade pay would be calculated at the minimum of the pay in the pay band (irrespective of the pre-revised scale of pay) plus the grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale.

2. Several petitions were filed in Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi inter alia claiming that the revised pension of the pre-2006 pensioners should not be less than 50% of the minimum of the pay band + grade pay, corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which pensioner had retired, as arrived at with reference to the fitment tables annexed to Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure OM No.l/1/2008-IC dated 30th August, 2008. Hon’ble CAT, Principal Bench, New Delhi vide its common order dated 1.11.201lin OA No.655/2010 and three other connected OAs directed to re-fix the pension of all pre-2006 retirees w.e.f. 1.1.2006 based on the Resolution dated 29.8.2008 of the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare and in the light of the observations of Hon’ble CAT in that order.

3. The above order was challenged by the Government by filing Writ Petition No.1535/2012 in respect of OA No. 655/2010 and WP No.2348-50/12 in respect of the three other connected OAs in the High Court of Delhi. The Hon’ble High Court in Its common Order dated 29.4.2013 noted that the DoP&PW had, in the meanwhile, issued an OM No.38/37/08-P&PW (A) dated 28.1.2013 which provided for stepping up of pension of pre 2006 pensioners w.e.f. 24.9.2012 to 50% of the minimum of pay in the pay band and grade pay corresponding to pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired. Hon’ble High Court observed that the only issue which survived was, with reference to Paragraph 9 of OM dated 28.1.2013 which makes it applicable w.e.f. 24.9.2012 instead of 1.1.2006. Hon’ble High Court of Delhi dismissed the Writ Petition No.1535/20 12 along with three other Writ Petitions vide its order dated 29.4.2013. Special Leave Petitions (No.23055/2013 and No.36148-50/2013) filed against the said order dated 29/412013 of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court have also been dismissed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

4. Accordingly, in compliance with the above judicial pronouncements, it has been decided that the pension/family pension of all pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners may be revised in accordance with this Department’s OM No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28.1.2013 with effect from 1.1.2006 instead of24.9.2012. Further, this benefit has already been granted to the Applicants in OA No. 655/2010 vide OM of even No. dated 26/08/2014 read with OM dated 19/09/2015 following dismissal of SLP (C) No.23055/2013 by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

5. In case the consolidated pension/family pension calculated as per para 4.1 of O.M. No.38/37/08-P&PW (A) dated 1.9.2008 is higher than the pension/family pension calculated in the manner indicated in the O.M. dated 28.1.2013, the same (higher consolidated pension/family pension) will continue to be treated as basic pension/family pension.
6. All other conditions-as given in OM No. 38/37/08-P&PW (A) dated 1.9.2008, as amended from time to time shall remain unchanged.

7. Ministry of Agriculture, etc. are requested to bring the contents of these orders to the notice of Controller of Accounts/Pay and Accounts Officers and Attached and subordinate Offices under them on a top priority basis. All pension disbursing offices are also advised to prominently display these orders on their notice boards for the benefit of pensioners.

8. This issues with the approval of Ministry of Finance ID Note No. 1(9)/EV/2011Vol.1I dated 24.7.2015.

9. Hindi version will follow.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Web Portal for Missing Children

The Ministry of Women and Child Development, with the assistance of Department of Electronics and Information Technology, has launched a web portal Khoya-Paya on 2nd June, 2015 for reporting and searching of missing children. The web portal ‘Khoya-Paya’ will have information of missing and sighted children. So far approximately 2700 users have registered on the portal and around 1500 have downloaded mobile application for usage through their mobile phones. Around 1500 cases of missing/sighted children have been reported and 140 cases of missing children have been closed on the portal.

This information was given by the Union Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi in reply to an unstarred question in Rajya Sabha .

Source : PIB News

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

40 Tips For Better Life

40 Tips For Better Life

1. Take A 10-30 Minutes Walk Every Day.
And While You Walk, Smile.

2. Sit In Silence For At Least 10 Minutes
Each Day.

3. Sleep For 7 Hours.

4. Live With The 3 E's -- Energy,   Enthusiasm, And Empathy.

5. Play More Games.

6. Read More Books Than You Did In 2014.

7. Make Time To Practice Meditation, Yoga,  And Prayer. They Provide Us With
Daily Fuel For Our Busy Lives.

8. Spend Time With People Over The Age Of 70 & Under The Age Of 6.

9. Dream More While You Are Awake.

10. Eat More Foods That Grow On Trees And Plants And Eat Less Food That Is
Manufactured In Plants.

11. Drink Plenty Of Water.

12. Try To Make At Least Three People
Smile Each Day.

13. Don't Waste Your Precious Energy On

14. Forget Issues Of The Past. Don't
Remind Your Partner With His/her
Mistakes Of The Past. That Will Ruin Your
Present Happiness.

15. Don't Have Negative Thoughts Or
Things You Cannot Control. Instead
Invest Your Energy In The Positive Present

16. Realize That Life Is A School And You
Are Here To Learn. Problems Are Simply Part Of The Curriculum That Appear And Fade Away Like Algebra Class, But The Lessons You Learn Will Last A Lifetime.

17. Eat Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince And Dinner Like A Beggar.

18. Smile And Laugh More.

19. Life Is Too Short To Waste Time Hating Anyone. Don't Hate Others.

20. Don't Take Yourself So Seriously. No
One Else Does.

21. You Don't Have To Win Every Argument. Agree To Disagree.

22. Make Peace With Your Past So It Won't Spoil The Present.

23. Don't Compare Your Life To Others'.
You Have No Idea What Their Journey
Is All About. Don't Compare Your Partner
With Others.

24. No One Is In Charge Of Your Happiness, Except You.

25. Forgive Everyone For Everything.

26.. What Other People Think Of You Is
None Of Your Business.

27. GOD ! Heals Everything.

28. However Good Or Bad A Situation Is, It Will Change.

29. Your Job Won't Take Care Of You When You Are Sick. Your Friends Will.
Stay In Touch.

30. Get Rid Of Anything That Isn't Useful,
Beautiful Or Joyful.

31. Envy Is A Waste Of Time.  Already
Have All You Need.

32. The Best Is Yet To Come.

33. No Matter How You Feel, Get Up, Dress Up And Show Up.

34. Do The Right Thing!

35. Call Your Family Often.

36. Your Inner Most Is Always Happy. So
Be Happy.

37. Each Day Give Something Good To

38. Don't Over Do. Keep Your Limits.

39. When You Awake Alive In The Morning, Thank GOD For It.

40. Please Forward This To Everyone You
Care About

Friday, July 10, 2015

भारत सरकार की नई पहल.

भारत सरकार की नई पहल..🚑🚑🚑

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