Monday, May 4, 2015

Parle-G: The Story You Don’t Know

by Arnab Mondal

It has saved many hungry souls, old and young, day and night. And it has been a devoted friend ofIndian people with tea for decades. Yeah, I’m talking about Parle-G biscuits.
Time for Some Trivia: In 1939 during the Second World War Parle baked its first biscuits for India. In 1980 the biscuit brand was rechristened as Parle-G, G stands for glucose. But in 2004 in their ad they started spreading slogan that ‘G means Genius’. In 2013, Parle-G became India’s first domestic FMCG brand to cross the INR 5,000 crore in retail sales.
Have you ever wondered who the sweet girl is in the Parle-G Biscuit packet? Believe it or not a user has raised a question on the identity of the evergreen Parle-G kid some years ago.
It was 1958. A renowned company posted an ad in a newspaper that they need a photo of a little kid for advertisement. A family member from Nagpur sent their girl’s black and white photo in the written address. Nobody noticed the company’s name back then. But when the photo was published everything became clear. It was our very own Parle-G. And even after 56 years the girl’s photo is still famous for its simplicity and sweetness. She is Neeru Deshpandey from Nagpur.
But there’s still some confusion about the kid’s (not saying girl for a reason) identity. Parle-G’s Wikipedia page comes up with the name ‘Gunjan Gundaniya’. Though group product manager at Parle Products Mayank Shah, puts all the folklore to rest and reveals. He said that it’s actually an illustration by an Everest creative back in the 60s. People have created their own stories about the kid being a girl and gave name on their own.
Yeah, it’s heart breaking for those people who almost believed in that sweet girl’s story. But don’t be sad because ‘picture abhi baki mere dost’. According to the social networking site facebookthat girl Neeru Deshpandey is 60 years old now. And she is a dadima. She recently said in an interview, “When I was 4 years and 3 months old I was a model for Parle-G. They selected my photoand you people know rest of the story. I’m 60 now and I still live in Nagpur”.
There are lots of stories about many other things also. Some are truth and some are not. But believewhat your heart wants to believe most. You know the facts here. So believe what you want to and may be your belief will help create the fact.
Source - news province

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